Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More B-Day Pics

Happy Birthday Kate

Saturday was Kate's birthday and man was she ready. We have been on a countdown for sometime now. Finally, the day came. I looked at Kate when she woke up and said "Kate, it's your birthday!" "Now, it's here? Where is it?" She went to look for her bouncy house. So I think birthday just means bouncy house to Kate. That's fine because in our family it is true. We proceeded to have a great day. Lots of bouncing with friends and family. We had lots of smiles, very few tears, and lots of cake. Kate had way too much sugar but oh well. You only turn 3 once. She definitely did reach a few more things that day- those arms grew.

The best story so far about her being 3 follows: Every morning I drop Kate off at Martha's house. Our routine is that I sit on the couch with her for a few minutes. We tell Martha a couple of stories about things that happened in the last day or so, we watch Diego, and then we give hugs and kisses and I go. Well, Martha informed us a few weeks ago that when Kate turned 3, I could not linger around anymore. She told Kate that Mommy will just have to drop her off like the other kids, so we have been working towards this.

With daylight savings, Monday morning was a little rough getting the kids up to get ready. We were really running behind schedule, so I dropped Ella off at school, rather than walking her in. Then, we were off to Martha's. Kate said "Mommy, I'm fwee (3), so you need to drop me off at Martha's." I replied, "OK Kate. I will walk you in and give a hug and kiss." She answers, "You don't need to walk me in. I can do it by myself." "But I need to give Martha her check," I said. "No, Mama, I can do it myself." So we pulled up to Martha's. I put Martha's check in Kate's pocket, handed her her baby and her blanket. I gave her a high and kiss and told her to have a nice day and she said the same. "Bye, Mama." "Do you need me to open the door, Kate?" I asked. "No, Mama. I can do it," she answered. Off she went, and she did it, though the blanket was stuck in the door for a few seconds. I called Martha to make sure she made it in OK. She was just laughing, telling me she just stomped in, took off her jacket, hung it up, gave Martha her check, and got to business playing. Yikes kid.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh the Irony

While getting ready for bathtime, Kate taking her clothes off (all by herself mind you), Ella informed me "When you stick your middle finger up, it means the F word.......I don't know what the F means, though." Luckily, I am not shocked at anything that comes out of her mouth these days, so I simply responded, "It means I hate you." She quickly responded, "SHHHHH...Mommy don't say that word. Kate might hear you." You are right Ella, I will watch what I say. Too funny.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sister Love

I just love the love between these two girls. This morning, Ella and I dropped off Kate and Martha's, and we were just about to leave to get Ella to school. I noticed I forgot to drop off Kate's blanket, so I asked Ella to run back in to Martha's and give Kate her blanket. As I waited, I saw Ella run back to the car with a big smile on her face. "I love being Kate's sister. It's the best." Is that not the best?