Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Kate is just so sweet. WIth her third birthday quickly approaching, many things relate to being three. I hope she is not disappointed. During our after nap Dora, she just told me, "Mommy, I love Dora...Maybe when I am three, I can go help her on the boat. I can bring my lollipop and some of my things." It's been a day of TV, home with her sick Mama while Daddy and Ella are at Ella's first day of ski school. Earlier, while watching Veggie Tales, a veggie was upset and Kate said, "Maybe when I am three, I can go in the TV and make him feel better." This is her mantra, always consoling whichever of her buddies is in timeout, though she sometimes has to do this in secret.

She has a wonderful way of making me feel better. I picked her up from the ground to carry her downstairs and she says, "Mommy, you are like a helicopter...picking me up and that's really fun." Thanks Kate, I feel nothing like a helicopter, but it's really only their perception that matters, so I'll take it

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