Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Day For Kate and Mama

Mondays are my day off, and I usually am like a whirling dervish on these days. I usually am getting the house clean, doing as much laundry done as possible, trying to get my swim in, and get the grocery shopping done. Well this Monday was special. Martha, Kate's caretaker, welcomed a granddaughter, so I had Kate for the day. I finally felt well enough to play with her, so play we did. First, we headed to the mall to "jump on the food." She, like all toddlers ( and too many school-age kids- READ THE SIGNS PARENTS), loves the mall play center. She can climb on the strawberries, waffles, eggs, bananas, and slide on the bacon and sausage, and quickly get sanitized after her fun. I was there with all the stay-at-home Moms- it's fun to live like the other side sometimes. Then, we rode on the elevator a few times, and it was off to the pool. I love that Denver has nice indoor pools, and ours is great. A nice big slide, fountains, little slide, and as I discovered, only 3 kids on Monday vs the 50 on Saturdays. We had a few "big unders" which is Kate sticking one ear under the water and headed home. We took a nice nap together before I picked up Ella from school. I love that this was forced upon me, as I could not do my chores, and I was forced to relax and play. Sometimes I need this, and I just loved it. I think I will make it part of my routine now, taking some days off just to be with Kate. Thanks for a great day, Kate

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  1. Lucky you, Whitney! Kate is a great playmate. I am glad the 2 of you had such fun! The city of Denver is also lucky that their indoor mall playground is cleaner after all the wipe downs you girls must have given it. Fun pictures