Monday, February 8, 2010

FInally, the tooth comes out

The loss of Ella's first tooth has been quite the drama. She was very upset to have completed Kindergarten without losing any teeth, and while most of her friends have lost several teeth, Ella has been wiggling her first loose tooth for about 2 months. About a month ago, her big-girl tooth started growing in behind the one loose baby tooth, and she started crying because she so much wants a gap in her teeth. After several threats of tying floss around the tooth, one night she finally had it. She was wiggling the tooth like crazy, and she could not fall asleep. Ryan and she decided the time had come for that tooth to get out. After multiple attempts, Ryan finally yanked that sucker out. He dropped the slippery tooth in her mouth, it started to bleed, so she ran to the bathroom crying, close to choking on her bloody, toothy mess. Amongst the tears, she said "Thank you , Daddy, for pulling out my tooth." Tears blended in with giggles of excitement. After so much work on that first tooth, the tooth fairy left her 5 bucks- yikes, she better budget herself.

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  1. Congratulations Ella! Your new space is awesome!