Monday, May 3, 2010


Then we were off to Disneyland. This started out rough. Kate is not the adventurous soul that Ella is. Ella went on every fast roller coaster that she could. Poor Kate- we started with the Peter Pan ride and the whole 30 minutes in line she cried saying she did not want to go and all she wanted was a lollipop- yes, it was 10 am. Well, I conceded with the lollipop- yes, it was 10 am, but what the heck it's Disneyland. However, I made that kid cry her way through the Peter Pan ride. As we got off, she was still in tears, and she was a little difficult to understand, but through the gasping tears was a "I want that....again." See, a little torture teaches kids that the Peter Pan ride is indeed fun. She is definitely an It's a Small World kind of kid, but that's OK. Ryan and Ella hit the super fast rides as many times as they could. I even rode SpaceMountain which was always my favorite roller coaster. Luckily, I had the row to myself so that I could brace myself, hold on widely and tightly, engage my core, and ensure no back injury. It's still as fun as I remember.

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