Sunday, May 23, 2010

FIrst Big Boo Boo

Kate and I had a big day the other day. She had a special outing with Martha at the park and slipped on the slide and did the chin split that I know too well. It is one of my least favorite spots to stitch so I really was shaking when I looked at it and knew it definitely needed stitches (or sutures for Lucy). So I was a little shakier than normal, but we both did better that I thought we would and it actually looks great. Plus, Kate is now excited that she has a scar that matches her Mama's. I think Ella has a small hint of jealousy over that. That's when you know you have true sibling rivalry.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Kate
    I can see how pretty those stitches are all the way from Rome. Ella, don't worry. You will get some stitches all your own with some very exciting event of your own! It will be an exciting event whenever it does happen. And it will most likely be a surprise, too.